Monday, January 9, 2017

Umrah Preparation According to the Handbook and Guidance

Umroh Preparation

Preparation Umrah According to the Handbook and Guidance Umroh

That the activities of pilgrimage you can run smoothly, then you should know Umrah preparation to be done before going to the holy land. According to the guidebook prepared the most important thing is to prepare your heart. There are also other physical preparation and also relatively easy.

Some preparation umroh you normally do before you leave for the holy land to perform pilgrimage, namely:

1. Rid yourself of sin and guilt both to God and to fellow human beings. Apologize to all the relatives that do not feel they have any.
2. Prepare physical and mental health and can do all pilgrimage activities that have to do with a sense of sincerity.
3. Prepare and provide funding to perform pilgrimage and to the bereaved family.
4. Implement obligations that must be resolved as alms, votive, debt, and also alms infaq
5.  Do it and do promise she had spoken to the relatives and finish up on relatives
6. Preparation related to health checks are complete and make it a habit to start a healthy life in the Holy Land so that health can be maintained
7. Prepare to adapt to the weather sacred ground because of the weather in the homeland and the holy land is very much different
8. Learn about the procedures for Umrah and prayers that pilgrimage proceeded smoothly and solemn
9. Preparing the equipment will be taken either male or female pilgrims with no exaggeration, only just enough
10. Hand Bags, briefcases and suitcases cabin baggage should not be too large and excessive
11. Preparation of stock in the form of material or money to during the trip
12. Bring a communication tool
13. The camera, but is not allowed to be used in the mosque
14. Jewelry and precious items are not excessive
15. The food and drinks that need to be performed
16. Drugs personal
17. Especially for women pilgrims had to adjust to the schedule of her menstrual

Thus earlier article about the preparations umra should do. Preparation should know and do for the sake of security and the smooth pilgrimage. May be useful for those of you who will do the pilgrimage.

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