Monday, January 9, 2017

Things to Do in Jakarta Nightlife that You can Hardly Do in other Places

Things to Do in Jakarta Nightlife that You can Hardly Do in other Places

Jakarta may not much include in most travelling list. But when it comes to nightlife, the metropolitan city has no comparison of other places in the country. Right after the weekend starts, you can actually party from Friday night to early morning on Monday. Yes, the nightlife in Jakarta probably is heaven for those who love nightlife or party goers. So, after the sun goes down, here are some best things to do in Jakarta nightlife that you can hardly do in other places.

Bar Hopping
If you love moving from one bar to another in order to find some different atmosphere, Jakarta is the right place to do it. The distance between one bar and another is not quite far; therefore you can change from classy hotel bars to mega-clubs and the finish the night in small and intimate bars. With the short distance, bar hopping is an awesome thing that you can do to spend the night. You do not worry about the cover charges because usually are inconsistent and quite low and also there is not much queues, so that you do not waste much time for that. The best thing about bar hopping is that there is not much traffic in the middle of the night.

Party all night long
As aforementioned above, party all nigh long from Friday night to early Monday is just awesome. This is not a joke; you just need to find out which clubs that opens in during that day. That is the best thing about Jakarta which is right; the city never sleeps.

Art night
If you do not feel like party or visiting crowded and noisy place, visiting some art center in the city can be a great option. There are art center such as Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Salihara, Betawi Cultural Village, and much more which usually hold art and cultural exhibition in certain days.

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