Thursday, December 8, 2016

What is culture? Indonesia Popular Cultures

What is culture? Some Instances of Indonesia Popular Cultures

What is culture? Talking about culture, we will never find its ending because culture will always be alive and never die despite the world is going to its ending. Culture is something that must be owned by anyone who lives in a community and each country in this world has its own cultures that can attract other people to know about their culture. In this article, Indonesia Travel Singapore would like to share with you about what is culture and some popular cultures in Indonesia.

According to the general thought, culture can be relating to anything that is unique and refers to a certain group of people. There are so many cultures that you can find in Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. Each province has its own culture. Some of the Indonesia cultures which are quite popular are:

  • Wayang Kulit Shows
    Wayang Kulit also known as Shadow Puppet is one of the most popular cultures that you can find in Java. This culture is still preserved until now and it can be proved by the numbers of Wayang Kulit shows that you can watch when you come to Java, especially when you visit Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, and other Java regions.

  • Ondel-Ondel Show
    What is culture? Another sample of Indonesian culture is an Ondel-Ondel show that is originated from Betawi or Jakarta. Ondel-ondel is kind of puppet but it has a bigger size that will be brought when there are some festivals in Jakarta. It is also commonly presented during someone wedding. This ondel-ondel show is really unique and you can only find it in Jakarta.

  • Pendet Dance
    Have you ever visited Bal? Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations that offer thousands of attraction including Pendet dance. What is culture? Now, you know that Pendet dance also belongs to Indonesia most popular culture that you should never miss when visiting Bali. The dancers consist of some women with beautiful traditional Bali dress that really makes the dancers look adorable.

  • Batak Language
    It is known that there are about 500 traditional languages that you can find in Indonesia. One of the most spoken ones is Batak language from north Sumatera. Batak language also belongs to Indonesia culture that is really unique and special. However, this is only spoken the native who is coming from North Sumatera while the other provinces also have their own language to speak. Still, when they talk with other ethnics, they must use Indonesia language as a national language.

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