Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The fact of the Renewable Energy Industrial Technology

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The fact of the Renewable Energy Industrial Technology

The widespread use of alternative energy as a source of energy from renewable industrial technology is as energy saving movement of the fossil material. Alternative energy has the same ability to energy derived from fossil material, in addition to alternative energy derived from natural ingredients such as herbs and natural energy bumu (wind, water, waves) to make alternative energy more environmentally friendly than the energy made from fossil.

The use of alternative energy as a renewable energy technology industry is expected to save energy and protecting the environment and can also be used to meet the needs of many people.

In addition there are also some other facts of renewable energy, namely:

1. The use of solar energy or solar and wind energy have increased since the first use in 2007. Therefore, until now the construction of solar power plants and wind energy increasingly digalakan.
2. Costs incurred to pay for electrical energy generated from solar energy and wind energy more muranh compared with fossil-based energy.
3. Renewable energy has been used as the main energy source in developed countries and is expected to be followed by developing countries in the vicinity.
4. Almost all countries are already using renewable energy. In Spain wind energy to meet the electricity needs Spain to 42%. Followed by other countries such as Denmark, Australia, the Philippines, the United States, to India.
5. Renewable energy already meets 22% of the worldwide electricity.
6. The leading investment banks have advised investors to switch to renewable energy investments.

Renewable energy sources are now not become no longer possible, in line with the growing age and increasing human needs energy must also grow. Energy used as renewable industrial technology expected to be used to meet the needs of many people. Besides alternative energy production processes can also be enjoyed by many people. By continuing to enhance the development of alternative energy technology and presumably existing now be utilized as well as possible.

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