Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fun things to do in Jakarta

Some Fun things to do in Jakarta

After you visit Bali, then you should not forget to visit Jakarta. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia that is really crowded but it also offers some great things when you want to enjoy your holiday there. There are a few things to do in Jakarta that you should never miss when visiting this city. Most of the people dream of coming to Jakarta, you probably belong to those who want to visit Jakarta. Here, Indonesia travel Singapore would like to give some inspiration to you about some things to do in Jakarta.

Visiting Marina Port
Marina port is located in the northern part of Jakarta as a port for any cruise ships that come to Jakarta. This becomes the first luxurious ports in Indonesia and it is specifically designed for cruise ships. In Marina, you can also play some water sports such as water ski, surfing, sailing, diving, and you can also go to Kepulauan Seribu from this port.

Visiting Bidadari Island
Another thing to do in Jakarta is visiting Bidadari Island. This island is an island that is visited by local visitors and it is located in Kepulauan Seribu. If you want to visit this island, you can go from Marina port and you need 20 minutes to get there. There are 49 cottages that can accommodate you when visiting the island and other facilities that can make your holiday more fun like you are visiting Bali.

Ocean Ecopark
This attraction is also quite popular in Jakarta in which there are so many events that are held in the location. For those who love fishing, Fishing in Ocean Ecopark can be the best thing to do in Jakarta that you can try. Ocean Ecopark offers a new program called Eco-fishing in which you need to pay a ticket and you can fish as you wish.

Fun Things to Do in Jakarta

Jakarta is a special city and there are a couple of tourist destinations that you have to visit when you come to this city. So these are a couple of lists of things to do in Jakarta and also a couple of tourist attractions and points of interest in Jakarta.

Go to the Ancol Beach
Many people think that they do not have to pay for enjoying the beach in Jakarta. According to them, the beach is the public facility which is free to visit for everyone. Ancol is the perfect place to visit for those of you who want to enjoy the sunset. You can enjoy it while hanging out with your family and friends in a café. For those of you who love photography, this place is very interesting to take a couple of great pictures of you and your family.

Dunia Fantasi is probably the biggest amusement park in Indonesia, besides Trans Studio Bandung and Makassar. This place is the right place for you to play around after you have a lot of things to do in Jakarta. It is like a dream come true for Indonesian people to visit Dufan who live outside Java Island. If you want to spend your great time with your family and friends, Dufan is the perfect place for you. But if it is possible, do not visit Dufan on the weekend because it will be very crowded.

Walking around Jalan Surabaya
For those of you who want to buy antique stuff, you have to spend your time to walk around Jalan Surabaya. You can find a couple of stores which offer antiques. But you have to be careful to purchase stuff from here because not all of the stuff are antique. A couple of those items are made as antiques newly.

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