Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bali Ubud Tour

Bali Ubud Tour

Do you want to visit Bali? If you do want to visit Bali, you must not forget to go to Ubud as the best tourist spot in the northern part of the Bali Capital city. You can do a lot of things when you join Bali Ubud Tour because Ubud offers so many harmonious attractions that you have never seen before. There are so many activities that you can do in Bali Ubud. Through this short article, Indonesia Travel Singapore would like to share with you some exciting activities that you can do when joining Bali Ubud Tour.

Joining Yoga Class
There are so many foreign tourists who visit Bali and go to Ubud for having fun Yoga. They are inspired by the movie of Eat Pray Love where one of the takes was taken in Ubud and shows a Yoga activity. It seems that Yoga class is perfect for any women who want to get relaxation in the morning because there are so many Yoga instructors available in Bali Ubud Tour. Some of the hotels provide Yoga class for their visitors and you can join if you wish.

Visiting Some Museums
Ubud is one of the locations in Bali that provides some museums. There are six museums that you can visit when you join Bali Ubud tour and all of the museums are relating to art and painting. For example, you can visit Museum Puri Painting that belongs to the first museum in Bali. It has some painting collections in the three eras starting from the era of Bali kingdom until the independence day of Indonesia era. Some of the other museums are Neka Art Museum, Rudana Museum, Agung Rai Museum of Art, and much more.

Riding Bicycle in the Morning
One of the most favorite activities that are commonly done by foreign tourists is riding a bicycle in the morning. This can be really fun because the air in the morning is so fresh and you can take your moment to ride a bike along the rice terrace near the hotel or villa where you stay. You can also mingle with the local people who wake up in the morning and go to the rice field. You can also ask the farmer to teach you how to plant rice. This can be your great experience ever when you join Bali Ubud tour. So, you should miss this great moment by the way.

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